In this episode, we have a fascinating guest, Dirk Paelinck, Chairman of the European PropTech Association. Dirk brings us his insights into the European perspective on PropTech and the impending Retrofit Bonanza. Get ready to dig deep into sustainability, energy efficiency, and the challenges and opportunities in the PropTech sector!

Part 1: Getting to Know Dirk & European PropTech Association

  • Intro: A quick teaser about PropTech Summit 2023 and an insight into the upcoming Retrofit Bonanza.
  • Tommy: A warm welcome to Dirk and an inquiry into his anticipation for the PropTech Summit 2023, along with a surprising revelation about the venue.
  • Martin: Exploring Dirk's myriad roles, likening him to the versatile Elon Musk, and probing into his extensive career and affiliations with PropTech House and Regus.
  • Sustainability Disclosures: Diving deep into corporate sustainability with discussions on SFDR, CSRD, and the transformative EU Green Deal. What do they mean for property owners?
  • Proptech Recognitions: Spotlight on the prominent European PropTech Awards and the buzz surrounding Norway's "Top of the Props" awards.

πŸ›‘ Part 2: Navigating the European Retrofit Landscape

  • Energy Standards in Netherlands: Demystifying rumors about renting regulations in the Netherlands concerning buildings with low energy efficiency ratings.
  • The Owners' Dilemma: Pondering the challenges for smaller building owners in adapting to the new regulations compared to corporate giants.
  • Looking Ahead: A speculative discussion on upcoming changes and their potential impact on the Nordic countries.
  • The EU Taxonomy Reveal: Why it might be less intimidating than it sounds.
  • Will be see a change in owners of buildings? Will it be hard to be the small property owner?

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